Conservation Education

img_03Sensitizing the communities including fishermen that live near the riverbank areas about importance of biodiversity conservation is critical not only to save the dolphins but also the entire freshwater ecosystem. Until and unless they clearly understand the benefit that the conservation can bring for them, it is difficult to save the biodiversity, including river dolphins.

The River Dolphin Trust works with the local communities especially tharu and sonaha inhabiting the riverbank areas of the Karnali river, who are major fishing communities and traditionally depend on fishing for their subsistence needs. They often view dolphins as their competitor for fish resources. Ultimately, the survival of an endangered dolphin hinges upon their support and is possible only if conservation efforts are embraced by them who share their source of earning (fishes) with dolphin.

The River Dolphin Trust conducts community outreach programs for fishers and general public to sensitize them about the plight of dolphin in this region and its importance to maintain a healthy freshwater ecosystem. Our motto is to make local communities including fishermen, the partners for conservation for their own benefit.