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River Dolphin Trust

The River Dolphin Trust (RDT) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to support the conservation of freshwater river dolphins and their habitat by promoting science based conservation practices. Founded in 2014 by young researchers working for the Ganges river dolphin conservation in Nepal, the RDT aspires to build the collaboration among the Government agencies, scientific institutions, civil society and international organizations for better conservation of river dolphin species and their habitat. It believes that the future of river dolphins is inextricably linked with the livelihood of river dependent fishing communities that share their habitat and water development needs of the nations. So, it strives to foster co-existence among conservation, development and livelihood of fishing communities by identifying innovative solutions based on sound science and assisting stakeholders to implement them. While we believe that sound science is a key for better conservation and management of wildlife, we equally regard local community engagement and citizen science as an essential component of our conservation approach.

Conservation Education
Sensitizing the communities including fishermen that live near the riverbank areas about importance of biodiversity conservation is critical not only ...
Building Capacity
Because conservation practitioners including frontline parks staffs do not have enough time to look at research work for all wildlife, they lack the t...
Strengthening Collaboration
Not only because river dolphins in this region live and breed in the trans-border area of Nepal, India and Bangladesh, but also because upstream devel...
Research on ecology of the species, its relationship with human and continuous monitoring of its population status is crucial not only to inform manag...